In Rome, ancient Mythology of Fratelli Roma tells the tale of twin brothers Romulus and Remus. The twin brothers were born of a virgin mother who was the daughter to the former King Numitor. The King’s brother Amulius had deposed Numitor to steal the crown and had ordered the twins to be killed for fear they would one day threaten his crown. They were left on the river Tiber to die.

Tiberinus, God and Father of the river saved the twin brothers by sending a she-wolf to suckle the twins in a cave that is now known as Lupercal and which has become a sacred and historic site for Roman people. They were raised as shepherds and become natural leaders, eventually learning of the past they re-joined with their grandfather to win back the crown.

In founding the city that would become Rome they had an argument as to where the city should be sited, which led to Romulus killing Remus. Romulus then founded the City of Rome as it stands today and went on to Reign for many years as its first king.

Fratelli Roma as it stands today was established 2013. A family affair, owned and operated by husband and wife team Daniel and Christine Kibble the restaurant is also managed by Dan’s younger brother Nathan.

Our settings and décor are of the highest quality. The restaurant’s main dining room is warm and inviting with modern touches. High quality fabric bench seating, granite stone table tops and a prominent central wood feature along with the open kitchen which allows interaction directly with the Dan and the team are unique and distinguishing features that separate our dining experience from others in the hunter valley.

There is also a smaller dining room which we refer to as the ‘wine room’. The wooden racks in this room were originally our only storage when we first opened in 2007 and are were hand made by Christine’s Grandfather. This room reflects the heritage beauty of our circa 1867 building and was once Cameron Photography Studio. Featuring the original flooring, traditional colour scheme and beautiful local Australian Cedar sourced from across the hunter river this room offers a quieter and more traditional style of seating and dining for our customers.

Dan, Christine, Nathan and the whole team at Fratelli Roma love what they do, and invite you to come and share our hospitality in our beautiful city historic Maitland.

Hope to see you soon!

PROUDLY Maitland CBD est. 2007